Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Blog EVER!

I have battled with myself about doing a "BLOG" because I just do not consider myself the blogging type, But I am going to do it anyways. It is a lot of responsibility you know? . I am horrible at following through on things like this. It always takes me forever to complete a project. BUT I AM DETERMINED!

This is going to be a combo Blog. I am going to attempt to do the M4H Project 52 along with one of my own. I feel you can never have too many pictures of your children. So I have decided there will not be a week that goes by I don't take a picture of the boys. Well maybe a couple I cant just do one. I want to take one on the measure wall, I want to keep track of how much they change over this year. Luke is two and Dylan will be five this march so I expect to see a lot of changes that will blow me away. And improving my photography capabilities is a MAJOR plus as well.

So here it goes My very first blog post.

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